VirtuaQ is an advanced cloud based solution which is quick and easy to set up. Customers can register at the counter and either take a conventional paper ticket or they can take an SMS ticket and be notified when they are near the front of the queue. This way customers need only return when you are ready to serve them. This system enables customers to leave your premises to run errands, free up valuable waiting space and enhance customer satisfaction. Multiple queues because there are multiple customer service reps? Not a problem. Each rep has their own separate queue which can be controlled by just one receptionist! The receptionist can see the number of customers in each queue and the estimated wait times for each queue. Your entire queue can be controlled from one central location, making management of the queue easy and simple for anyone.

Queue management system for safe distancing:

A queue management system is used to streamline customer flow through businesses such as banks, hospitals and government offices that get large crowds of people during working hours. Instead of making them all crowd around counters for service, the queue system will ensure safe distancing, and issue paper or SMS tickets to each person who joins the queue.

Queue management system
virtuaq covid social distancing

Social distancing

VirtuaQ will address queue management and crowding at all your branches. Social distancing compliance is not just about 3 feet of space between your customers. No one wants to wait in a crowded area.
That is why safe distancing is also about time - schedule each customer to come to the store 10 minutes apart. Let in only 2-5 customers at a time in each branch.
VirtuaQ identifies customers, gets them into a digital queue, and makes sure they have a scheduled appointment and shopping experience that is compliant with safe distancing regulations.

Reduce waiting time

Business on-the-go experience for customers with appointment scheduling and SMS tokens. Allow your customers to queue from anywhere, on any device. Increase revenue and get significant savings in real estate costs. Help your managers dynamically create new service desks to tackle queues as they form.

Queuing solution - Know your customer
Queuing system - Improve CX

Improve customer experience

Your customers Feel at Home with personalised service at every branch. VirtuaQ enables your personnel to greet your customer by name and quickly serve them. No stress of real and perceived waits. Identify VIP customers and delight them.

Act on real-time data

Real Time Data dashboard to monitor branch performance, and respond to service delays. Deep dive into customizable reports and insights to know which branch, service and team members are driving your operations efficiency and revenue. Increase revenue with upsell / cross-sell.

Queue system - Service intelligence
Cloud-based queue management system


VirtuaQ is a hardware-agnostic digital queue management system. Works on the cloud, on-premise, or from a data center. Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. No exclusive hardware needed.


Why VirtuaQ


Token display system integration

Token display system

Queue software

queue software

Enterprise queuing solution

enterprise queuing solution
Queue systems can be integrated with a digital signage player (DSP) and screens at the location, which shows the current number being called, and the counter to which the customer should go to. The display screens can stream marketing content targeting the profile and services required by customers who have joined the queue.A purely software-based QMS allows customers to join the line from anywhere, at any time, using any device. They can join the queue using a simple SMS sent from their phone, or by booking an appointment on a web page created for this. They can queue up using a mobile app, or even through social media.There are large crowds of customers waiting, and you have no idea who they are or what they are waiting for. An enterprise queuing solution will help you get to know your customers and their needs. Regain that personalized customer experience while serving thousands of customers at multiple locations.

Mini ComputerStrapped to the back of your TV, it displays your queue information
Kiosk / TellerYou can have all of these on an internet browser on your computer. If not any apple or android tablet may be used
Queue Display BoardAny TV with a HDMI/VGA connection will do. If you already have one, we can use that!
PrinterOPTIONAL if you want a full SMS based queuing system


Comprehensive Reports

VirtuaQ has the ability to churn out customised reports that give you insight into the operational efficiency of your business. The reports can include statics like:• Branch vs. Group / Branch vs. Target • Average waiting time 

Live Monitoring / tracking of all your business branches

VirtuaQ’s live dashboard enables you to monitor all your outlets and their queue status at any given time. Helping you pre-empt any possible situations that might occur.

Minimal hardware (Save costs)

Tired of paying for proprietary hardware? VirtuaQ requires very little hardware and most components can function off an internet browser on your computer. Queue information boards can be screen on existing TVs in your waiting room. No more keypads and customised display LED boards.

Quick support (Minimal Downtime)

A cloud based system allows our support team to remote in and fix any problems with the system instantly. In addition, we can apply patches / changes to the software remotely and ensure that you will always have the most up to date system in the market

Customer Identification

Using any one of the digital engagement methods (card swipe, tap card, SMS, mobile application, online appointments or wireless discovery) we can identify your customers individually. This means your staff can provide a higher level of personalised experience.

Marketing Space

VirtuaQ lets you utilize multiple spaces and multiple types of media as marketing space for your brand. Everything from the paper ticket, the SMS and the screen can be used as additional marketing space for your brand and products. This marketing can also be tailored directly to the audience that it suits.