Are you a Service Provider, a Content Provider, a Telco, or an Affiliate?
Cerebro is the solution for you. With it's modern look, optimized performance and user-friendly UI/UX, Cerebro is built internally from the ground-up. Backed by AI and the best machine learning algorithms, Cerebro gives you flexibility, performance, with a cost-effective plan.



Our products are internally developed from the ground-up to meet highest standards in design and software programming by using a combination of latest tools and frameworks. With our cloud-hosted solutions, Intech has the power of scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers so that our customers and partners can benefit from a smooth experience wherever they go and whatever device they use.



Central Console

A lightweight web application that basically allows you to discover and navigate through all our products


Account Manager

Account Manager provides authentication and account management. Backed by Intech Authentication Server. 


Admin Panel

Admin Panel allows administrators to manage users, roles and permissions and to configure products and grant users access to them



Affliate Marketing

A digital marketing tool to run optimized campaigns using CPI, CPC, CPM, CPL, CPE, CPA, etc. targeting worldwide geos, telcos and pcs and phone devices



Service Delivery Platform

SDP is a micro-payment solution designed specifically for VAS division in Telecom sector. With its high performance and high availability, our SDP integrates with Telecom Operators payment gateway.



Content Management System

CMS provides a panel to create and manage our content. Its dynamic architecture allows creation for any type of content: Articles, Presentations, HTML5 Games, Native Games, etc.



Reporting System

With its unique dashboard and predefined reports, this tool allows you to check on campaigns tracking, subscription and billing reports



Monitoring System

It provides dashboards, tabular and graphical readings from all the other products. It plays mainly the role of monitoring and alerting system for the other products 



Customer Care

A tool that allows you to check out users activity, history, logs, etc. It also allows you to cancel or refund a subscription for all registered services